Selama Grotto


St. Petersburg Florida USA

Calendar for the year --- By the Month

January -

Installations (also late December)

February -

Super Bowl Party

Valentine's Day Party

Memorial Service

March -

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Pilgrimage Day

Seminole POW WOW Parade

April -

Spring Ceremonial

FSGA Spring Session

May -

Kentucky Derby Party

Memorial Day Celebration

June -

Supreme Council Convention (or July)

July -

4th of July Parades (Kenneth City and Gulfport)

August -

Open (visit Blue Lodges, hold Master Mason event)

September -

FSGA Fall Session (or October)

October -

Monarch Elect meets with Past Monarchs to present calendar for his year

Step-up Night

Fall Ceremonial


November -


December -

Elections (new Monarch - announce appointed officers, installation date)

Kids Christmas Party (CJ in charge)

Adult Christmas Party (current Monarch in charge)

many Parades

Lodge and Grotto Installations

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